Concerts West

“Can You Believe This Is Happening” (Pat O’Day)

“Legends of Concerts West: Iconic images, of Seattle Rock Performances within 1972-1978 A Live Rock Photography Portfolio,” chronicles the development of the rock ‘n’ roll business at its most explosive stage! John Brott was a Corporate Rock Photographer for Concerts West (with Pat O’Day) and allot more.

John also Rocked The Shot for “Creem & Rolling Stone” magazines at The Paramount Northwest Theatre (with Many in support Including Mike Miles, Michael & Pat McManus, Jim McHale, and Ron Graziotti) in addition to all the other major Producers from Albatross Productions (Ken Kinnear), The John Bauer Concert Company (with John & Ivy Bauer) Get Down Productions (with Larry Bailey & Ulysses Lewis) NWR (with Jerry Lonn) finally with Beaux Arts at their Coolest with John Strawn.

A retrospective and welcomed archive of over 100 unpublished Seattle Rock Concerts shot live for the Leader Pat O’Day as the number one, Live Concert Tour Producers of the world—Concerts West in the 1970’s! A re-introduction to classic seventies Rock Photojournalism, or Album-Oriented Rock style, in the company of such famous Rock Photographers as; Annie Leibovitz, Jini Dellaccio, Norman Seeff, Neal Preston and Darrell Westmoreland as templates.

Utilising all analogue equipment including Nikon F2’s with Nikon FTNs to focus and expose, 400 speed film pushed to 1200, Either B&W or The Killer combo of High-Speed Ektachrome and Nikon Prime glass at 180mm f2.8 under bright Super Troupers to capture with their carbon-arc the Artistry & Imagination on Stage, then bring it on home, to the Medium Cool.

“Legends of Concerts West,” circa 1972 to 1978, is documentation of Seattle’s world status as number one in producing and showcasing Live Concerts in North America, then the World. These are the shows of cutting edge producers played upon the stages of Seattle’s biggest theaters and arenas. A magical synthesis of art and technical prowess,

These are the images of the best in style and class.
These are my images still alive.
Welcome to the Wild, Wild, West!

John Brott/Rock Photographer
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