My compelling argument for my style of Anglo-American Live Performance Imaging is that I’m essentially a “Rock Hybrid” of Two defining Rock Cultures..

I photograph Hard Rock & Metal on some of London’s finest Stages as I have done in America since the early seventies when I had tremendous success. My Images were exclusively used by Randy Bachmann and his Canadian/North American band B.T.O. of which “Not Fragile” & “Four Wheel Drive” utilized the Live Performance Image as a marketing tool for Live Concerts throughout the World.

I was No.1 in October of 74’ and No. 5 in 75’. Wow!

With success at today’s count of over 25 million in Albums sold, I enjoyed further success as the exclusive Rock Photographer for Concerts West, Creem & Rolling Stone Magazines, and other Grammy award winning Art Directed Albums, including Canada’s “Trooper”.

I returned to the crowded stage pit of Rock Photography in London in 2009’ with Alice in Chains redemption Tour of Europe, therefore signaling the cool agreement of considering my masterpiece as my finest hour in Rock Photography.

Thank You Alice in Chains and especially Layne Staley.

I see it as this. The Rock Imaging of American Rock Artists on British Stages by a Anglo-American Rock Photographer, for the expressed use of having a web site for teaching the next generation of Rock Photographers, the British Youth of Today!

As a “Rock Hybrid” I see the Rock ethos in a totally different light, and as a result this allows for extraordinary results for the imaging of Today’s Rock Artists.

These insights should provide for your decision a compelling reason to utilize my “Photography/Live Performance Rock Shots” of London, Europe and especially all the Americans who have played the Stages and venues of the UK.

Please contact me for further clarification for your Bands media needs.

Thank you