What I do

This is what I do! I’m a Rock Photographer providing Images of a “Rock Unit” and specifically the lead artists. I specialize in the need for Rock Photography or “Rock Shots” of the Artists within this Unit.

The Band and especially the Lead Artist are full on, as all are Iconic in the Image of Integrity, supporting each other through their exchanges of leads.

I entice with transcendent clarity through my lenses the mystery of the Live Performance; a dual synergy of the Artist and the Audience that allows for both worlds to reach beyond the Stage.

It’s my gift to provide this vision in images for all to utilize in their development & direction of the Artists.

How do I do it

This is how I do it! The Live Performance allows for the evolvement of the Rock disciple to gain strength from their chosen group of Artists and learn from the Live ethos, the perfect storm of insights. I choose the Live Concert to image the Artist in his best moves.

With arms stretched out and always in search, as if a Holy Roller that person provides the cycle of embrace that Rock Staging demands and delivers for the Artists and Deciples of the audience in search.

It’s my gift to provide that vision in imaging of the Artists in the Live Performance, and I do it with guided passion for the Artist & Music, sometimes with incredible results by taking it to next level.

What’s Next

What’s next then! Easily and for over 40 years I have been in a constant chase for Rock Photography excellence, and essentially in and out of the Live Touring Industry. In addition I’ve worked in Production & Promotion as a Rock Photographer for Rock Medias, Photo Editors, Creative Directors and especially Producers, providing for their eyes only, my Rock Shots for their discretion. Classic AOR.

I had tremendous success in 74’ & 75’ with B.T.O. “Not Fragile” going No.1 and “Four Wheel Drive” No. 5, both selling up to date with over 20 million units and my images on back and center gatefold! I’m listed in credits. Wow!

Images of the Rock Artist that Show with transcendent Clarity, the Spirit of the Soul Performing Live on Stage, well these are my Bands, these are my Works.

This is my Temple!

The Mystery of immediacy with a controlled edge that a Live Performance on Stage provides for me is my responsibility to the Artists with my images.

And I Love it!


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Live Performance Photography Specialist

In the final test, images that are needed ASAP before the photo or Creative Director will show all the flaws, as he has seen it all before. That’s his job. To Point and lead his best photographers into combat. He knows the real Hard Rock Photographer from the Rock Programmer. You can run, but you can’t hide from the truth of transcendent clarity & the Perfect Live Performance Image.

That’s what dreams are made of.

Album Oriented Photography

This is what I do, I reach for the Golden Ring. I Reach for the Sky! And provide outstanding and stunning Rock Imaging for the development of the Artist and their support. So Take another look at my work and lets both reach for that success.